Depression As Signs Of Diabetes In Men

It is very obvious to men that whenever they have diabetes, they do not have the ability to have sex properly. There are signs of diabetes in men that show us like the decreasing health. Diabetes also causes the malfunctioning of blood vessels and nerves. The destruction of blood vessels obstructs the blood flow of the body.

Erection is attained when cavernoa corpora is filled with the blood. The destruction of vascular system affects the erection. It is result of interplay of nervous and vascular system. We are not advising to treat this with any kind of treatment. The treatment for this must be done medically to see faster result.

Depression is also a sign of diabetes. It is the outcome of imbalance of various hormones and lack of control of blood glucose levels. Psychological also play an integral part in erectile dysfunction. You need to know about this because it can disturb your sex life.

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This post was written by DCN_Assistant on November 27, 2011

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