Diabetes Symptoms And What Causes It

Diabetes in women is caused mainly due to obesity. And obesity can happen to anyone, small, big, any race. Obesity mainly cause by the lack of muscle movement, the poor diet. So you might want to watch out for this.

There are various signs of diabetes in women such as feeling thirsty, dry skin, tiredness etc. Early symptoms of diabetes should be known through its nature that happening to us.

Most women in US suffer from this deadly disease. Obesity makes our body more prone to diabetes. Due to excess indulgence of junk food and soft drinks, excess amount of fat is deposited in our body. Having a healthy food is necessary for your body to adjust the consumption and replace any unwanted fat immediately.

They make us look ugly while this lethal disease makes the whole situation worse. Usually Type 2 diabetes affects a middle-aged woman. Usually ineffective insulin, which is unable to maintain the blood sugar level in your body causes this problem. These are the type of diabetes that did not happen immediately but rather slowly and sure.

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This post was written by DCN_Assistant on November 28, 2011

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