Diabetes Symptoms – Some warning signs

Frequent trips to the bathroom can be one sign that you could be experiencing some diabetes symptoms. When urination becomes very frequent it becomes an indication that there’s an overload of glucose in your blood. When insulin isn’t being properly produced or accepted in the body, your kidneys may intend to draw extra water from your blood in order to dilute the glucose. As a result of this action a feeling like you need to urinate constantly.

Experiencing a tingling sensation in your legs, hands and feet is also a very common diabetes symptoms. Doctors commonly consider this symptom as neuropathy that is a result of high blood glucose levels in the blood damaging the delicate nervous system.

A vision trouble also can be an indication of diabetes symptoms and must immediately be discussed with your physician. Intense hunger or fatigue, particularly in a young child that is usually in great spirits and typically with a lot of energy is a warning- sign that something might be wrong. For those who have your child seen with a physician regularly, make sure to mention these strange signals with them, and request diabetes testing to carry out the necessary test to eliminate diabetes.

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