Diabetic Food Exchange – You can even have sweets!

I was told I had diabetes and I was in self-denial and did not take notice of the diabetic food exchange list I was given. That was probably the first mistake as I was a little bit shell shocked when told I had diabetes type 2.

As a middle aged person on my own instead of eating good quality food I couldn’t really bother doing that for just me so I would eat my stash of chocolate, biscuits and ice cream. As a consequence I gained a mountain of weight. When the cold hard facts hit me that I needed to know my diabetes ABCs I was like the reformed smoker who would nag others about their smoking habit but mine was with food. With the exchange list allowed me to eat not only better quality but also I soon realized that I could eat basically all the things that I loved as long as it was counted for in my day.

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This post was written by DCN_Assistant on September 4, 2011

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