Diabetics Questions & Answers

My wife is a diabetic and ask if she can chomp through clear in your mind foods,?
For some reason this really bothers me and makes me perceive like I’m depriving her of food. Even though I know better and the reason for asking It have me down in the dumps. What should I do?…

which is the diabetic alternate prescription
I’m not sure what you’re asking, but if it has to do with alternatives to conventional pills, I invite you to read the source (below) that outlines many alternatives. If we’re talking around type two diabetes, you can’t beat a healthy pure foods based diet and plenty of daily…

Why are some general public diabetic?
because they are diabetic sometimes its Genetic.. people go and get diabetes when they get older because the pancreas get older and doesn’t work properly as it used to.. Also many general public get it due to being overweight. Diabetics are people who suffer from diabetes. The…

Is ingestion fluent sugar foods, albeit fruit (vs. processed sugar, resembling candy), OK for a borderline diabetic?
One should refrain from eating sweets, i.e. candy, which contain processed sugar. However, what roughly natural fruit? For instance, a naturally sweet banana also have sugar. However, would it be OK for this person to eat the banana…

moderate drinking of coffee is apposite for type 2 diabetics. is in that any quantifiable truth contained by this statement?
nearby are studies both ways on this!! But there is absolutely no irrefutable proof one way or the other.One thing it is!! it is a soft!! and we are to drink around 64 ounces…

network Carbs? as a diabetic can i munch through food that have 18 carbs but 3 NET carbs??
Don’t believe the ‘net carb’ claims.Not all of them are created equal.For example, Dreamfields Pasta has around 5 net carbs, but 41 carbs per serving.Well, those ‘other carbs’ can actually wreak blood sugar spikes from 4 to…

(ONLY for diabetics who use insulin pumps)?
Hey there! I was merely wondering, what is the best and worst part about varying your insulin pump and how long does it usually take? I was also wondering, what pump do you use and are in attendance any disadvantages about them? Thanx! I am a type…


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