Important Type 1 Diabetes Diet Guidelines

Type 1 diabetes diet should be followed by diabetics so that they can cope with their illness. Searching for foods that have low sugar and fat content is like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack because most foods contain natural sugars. Type 1 diabetes diet is easy as long as one adheres to the available menu of health foods and management of insulin injections. For more information on healthy recipes, the easy recipes or tasty recipes, you can check online.
Just like any diet for diabetics, carbohydrates is of prime importance. One can find carbohydrates in rice, pasta, potatoes, breads and wheat and they are the providers of slow-acting sugars for diabetics. This helps the diabetic maintain the required sugar level for long periods of time, and it helps provide nourishment for the body during daily routines and exercises without causing the sugar levels to go down at drastic levels.
Since there are a lot of natural sugars in most fruits, diabetics think that it should not be included in type 1 diabetes diet.  They never realized that the fruits contain vitamins and minerals that their body requires. Fruits such as bananas, apples, grapes, melons and oranges have the tendency to make the sugar levels rise so it is up to the diabetic to consult with a nutritionist and physician to measure their intake of food. One can also manage insulin intake to balance the levels of sugar.
Type 1 diabetes diet discourages diabetics from eating cakes and bicuits. The Diabetic Foundation and Food Standards Agency have considered this food group as unhealthy for diabetics and they suggest cakes and biscuits without using any sugar and for flavoring use fruits like raisins. Oils and butter should be carefully monitored.
An alternative for oils are oil spray, olive oil, and soya oil. Test prove that they are healthier for the body. Dairy products also have a lot of sugars and it is only to be used when the blood sugar is decreasing at a rapid rate. The calcium requirement of the body can be served by semi-skimmed milk or low-fat dairy products.
Type 1 diabetes diet should always emphasize weight maintenance as compared to type 2 Diabetes diet which often requires the diabetic to lose weight.

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