Information On Yeast Infection Symptoms In Men

Men as well as women can get affected by yeast infection. This is too serious a situation to be left untreated. You may use the same cream which are used by women to cure the infection.

Just as a baby can have a yeast infection, so there can be yeast infection symptoms in men too. The common notion is that only women can develop yeast infection in their genital region. It is a common tendency to assume that yeast infection in the genital region can affect women only. Yeast infection are more prevalent in women, though the genital yeast infection can affect men too.

The yeast called Candida is present in the gut of men as well as women. Yeast infection is the term given to Candida overgrowth, which is also called Candidas. The other yeast infections linked to Candida are skin rashes, athlete’s foot and oral thrush. The factors contributing to genital yeast infections include Candida overgrowth.

Besides Candida, there are other causes of yeast infection. It is HIV which causes oral thrush yeast infection in man. Various factors cause penile yeast infection in man. Following are the reasons:

1. Antibiotics – Usually penile yeast infection symptoms in man do not develop from antibiotics, but in rare cases, this may happen. The reason is that antibiotics are Candida friendly. Both good bacteria and bad bacteria gets destroyed by them. An imbalance in the gut flora is created this way. This may result in Candida overgrowth which in turn, leads to infection.

2. Diabetes – Yeast infections will be more prevalent in diabetic men as they have high sugar levels in their urine.

Men need to look out for the following penile yeast infection symptoms:

1. Itching, irritation or soreness in the head of the penis.

2. The head of the penis becoming red or having blisters.

3. Thick and white discharge.

4. Little red spots may appear on the penis shaft or the surrounding genital area if the treatment of the yeast infection is not done.

The man should visit the doctor to get a proper diagnosis done in case he comes across any of these symptoms. It is important to have a proper diagnosis due to the following reasons:

1. The yeast infection can get passed to the partner in case the man does not get it treated. In the same way, the woman can also pass the yeast infection to the man. To eradicate the yeast infection, it is important that both sexual partners get treated.

2. Even though a man may be under the impression that he is suffering from a yeast infection, but it may be due to a different medical condition known as genital herpes. A sexually transmitted disease having symptoms of little itchy bumps is called genital herpes. Yeast infection is cured by certain medicines which do not cure a chronic disease like genital herpes.

Therefore it is important for a man having these symptoms to get them investigated by a health care provider and to refrain from self-diagnosis.

The penile yeast infection symptoms in men can be treated. Women who are affected by vaginal yeast infections use a cream which can be used to treat the same infection in man. The local pharmacy can provide you these creams even without the doctor’s prescription. In case you have never had a penile yeast infection before, it is best to consult a doctor. Get a check up done by a doctor and take his treatment advice which will lead you to attaining effective relief.

The market has many medications which can treat this yeast infection. Hence even if you are now well aware of the yeast infection symptoms in men, it is better not to do any self medication.


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