It Is Very Serious Matter If There Are Symptoms Of Diabetes

Diabetes mellitusrefers to a medical condition in which a person’s glucose metabolism becomes adversely affected leading to higher levels of glucose in the bloodstream and this condition is then referred to as hyperglycemia. The level of glucose in urine go high in diabetic condition. The reason why glucose levels rise is that the body is not able to secrete sufficient quantities of insulin on account of several factors including malfunctioning insulin.

Feeling Hungry, Eating More Increase Diabetes Mellitus

Once the glucose metabolism goes out of whack the body starts sending messages to the brain that help in making a person feel hungry and this in turn leads to overeating. What results is further increase in level of glucose in the body and when this increase takes place it will give rise to appearance of toxic products known as ketones. The condition of diabetic ketoacidosis develops when ketones leads to that condition because of improper care.

Therefore, in order to effectively treat diabetes mellitus doctors will need to bring down the level of glucose and also ensure that the patient is protected against the consequences of diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, diabetes mellitus is classified as Type 1, Type 2 as well as gestational diabetes with the latter being a condition that only affects pregnant mothers.

Type 1 diabetesgenerally onsets in childhood and is also referred to as diabetes mellitus that is insulin-dependent. When the cells are destroyed then pancreas fails to produce insulin due to which this condition occurs. The treatment therefore involves getting insulin injections – permanently.

Type 2 diabetes is of course non-insulin dependent and this form of diabetes mellitus occurs, in most cases, during a person’s adult life and it involves trouble because of insufficient production of insulin. It is also the most common of the three different forms of diabetes mellitus and medical experts also believe that today, for every person that is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes there is one more person with the same condition but whose condition has not as yet been diagnosed.

Improper uses of certain medicines and certain health conditions causes diabetes mellitus. It pays to understand what causes insulin dependent diabetes mellitus as only then can an effective treatment be prescribed. In any case, conventional thinking in regard to possible causes of this kind of diabetes seems to suggest that the beta cells that produce insulin will have auto destructed thereby leading to non-production of insulin.

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