Liberty Medical And Managing Diabetes

Since diabetes afflicts over 18 million people, it is one of the most common diseases in the United States of America. According to The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, approximately 6% of the US population suffers from diabetes. Since diabetes has such a high occurence, several companies have been looking for a way to help diabetic patients better manage their health. One of the best is Liberty, mainly because they are a medical supplier that focuses specifically on diabetics.

Liberty has a huge inventory of diabetic supplies, one of the country’s largest, in fact. Customers can order these supplies over the phone or can place an order online at Once an order has been placed, Liberty will provide the customer with award-winning service as they deliver the products directly to the customer’s home. Liberty recognizes that many of their customers are elderly and in general poor health and leaving the home may be a difficult, if not impossible, process for them. Such a service is not available from many of the other sources of medical supplies, such as pharmacies; for this reason, Liberty recognizes its delivery system as one of the company’s cornerstones.

Liberty offers customers supplies to help them through every step of the process to ensure that their customers stay in optimal health. Many diabetics struggle with problems related to insulin production. This hormone, which is produced in the pancrease, is necessary for the body to process sugar. Using blood sugar in an effective manner is crucial for the body to produce necessary proteins and to maintain the individual’s energy levels. Liberty offers a variety of ways to maintain insulin levels to their diabetic customers. Many Liberty customers use insulin pumps which administer a steady stream of insulin directly into the blood stream. If a different option is necessary, then Liberty customers can use a manually injected synthetic insulin that comes with needles and syringes. Liberty provides customers with the equipment necessary to perform each of these tasks.

It’s not easy to measure insulin levels directly, but diabetics need to be able to do so at any given time in order to know when they need to put more insulin in their system. The easiest way to do so is to monitor glucose levels. Liberty offers its customers glucose meters, which can read the body’s glucose levels off of several drops of blood. Thanks to Liberty, many of their customers can simply prick their finger to collect a few drops of blood to place on a test strip. A glucose meter can then read the test strip to find glucose levels. A1c kits are also one of the ways to measure insulin levels. Although more accurate than glucose monitoring, A1c kits, until recently, required the use of expense lab analysis. However, in addition to recently offering an A1c kit that can be used at home, Liberty prides itself on offering the most recent and cutting edge diabetic supplies and equipment to their customers.

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