Living with Diabetes: A Well-Balanced Approach to Weight Loss

As most people with a history of diabetes in the family know, weight management is a key to living with this condition. There is an almost infinite number of reasons to want to lose weight: to look better, feel better, be able to shop at certain stores, accomplish a goal or to wear the infamous yellow polka-dot bikini. Whatever the reason though, losing weight the right way is just as important as losing the weight. Trying to lose ten pounds in a week is not only unrealistic, but it is also extremely dangerous and the weight is likely to come back very quickly. Eating like a rabbit or exercising eight hours a day is not sustainable, and life should not resolve around either one. The programs out there related to medically managed weight loss (like the one from Dr. Darm) offer simple and healthy approaches. While they are not for everyone, a medical supervisory role can help interpert the relevant medical stats, which diabetes patients are all to familiar with

A well-balanced weight loss program will combine good nutrition with safe exercises to feed and strengthen the body. Eating a healthy diet will lead to weight loss, but that yellow bikini will not look as flattering if there is little to no muscle tone. Alternately, exercising alone will help tone muscles, but there will still be a layer of fat hiding them if fruits and vegetables are foreign words. Finding the right combination of diet and exercise can be overwhelming and lead to frustration and failure, so consulting professional trainers and/or nutritionists can make all the difference and save on headaches and stomachaches and muscle pain. Check out Dr. Darm on Twitter or his website

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This post was written by DCN_Assistant on January 10, 2012

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