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Do you often feel depressed or blue because of all the favorite foods you’re denying yourself in the name of living healthy? A lot of people also think that healthy living involves sustained, rigorous exercise. Actually, you’ll be happy to learn that a healthy lifestyle is much easier, and more painless, than that.

Do you go to a gym for two hours of working out nearly each day, all in the name of being healthier? The good news is you don’t have to. You can simply start taking walks after a meal, or even on your lunch break at on your job. A lot of people I am acquainted with have a light lunch at work and then spend 20 minutes merely walking around the office. Some folks choose to stay in the building for their walks, particularly when it’s raining hard or if it’s too hot outside to walk. Know that just walking will help you start circulating your blood flow and help carry oxygen to your brain.

Naturally, that’s not the end of it. What’s the first thing most people do when they wake up? We grab a cup or two of coffee, right? Do you ever think about why many people don’t drink tea? With tea, you don’t need to suffer through the inescapable mid-morning crash due to the coffee wearing off. Better yet, with certain types of tea, you may find that you have even more energy and zip than from coffee.

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