Resist Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are here! And with all the gastronomic temptations of the holidays, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Some people would just throw caution to the wind and accept the inevitable weight gain. As plenty of studies show, however, this can have lasting consequences. You’re not sure yet if you can lose those pounds or not. A pound or two during the holidays may be minimal. Ten years worth of holiday weight gain though is equivalent to twenty pounds. Now you can stop wondering where all the weight came from. Starting now you can start to make sure the holidays won’t add any more.

Expectedly, your holiday schedule will be filled with parties. That means lots and lots of food. Studies have revealed that people fill their plates with food no matter how big the plate is. The same study also revealed that people usually finish what is in their plates. This translates to a significantly higher caloric consumption. Holiday foods are full of calories. You can compromise by choosing the lesser evil. Pumpkin pies have 316 calories per slice while a piece of pecan pie has 452 calories. If pecan pie is your favorite, take half of a slice. That way you get to enjoy it without breaking your diet plan.

Be a good guest and bring something to the party. Wine is so predictable. Bring some appetizers instead. Choose low calorie foods like melon balls and shrimp cocktail. Hummus and vegetables are also good choices. If all the other foods at the party are high calorie, you will have something to nibble on. If you have the party at home, avoid food decorations. Bowls of nuts and candy around the house can increase calorie consumption dramatically. Instead, decorate with non edibles like pine cones, potpourri or pine scented candles.

The holidays seem like an endless round of parties. In truth, there are days during the season when you can get back to your usual routine. To maintain your weight, you have to take advantage of these days. It would be to your advantage to keep a schedule of all your social obligations. Do some serious workouts on ordinary days. Also, try to eat light. Your calorie deficit during these days will be your insurance against a possible party binge. Don’t allow alcohol to cloud your judgment. Drink sparkling water after each serving of an alcoholic beverage. This keeps you from getting tipsy. It will also slash the calories you could get from alcoholic drinks alone.

The holidays are fun and festive. You could never get away from the food and the drinks. Minimizing its effects on your weight, however, is manageable. You just have to be aware of possible situations that lead to weight gain. How do you stay motivated to do this? Easy. Just remember that those few pounds aren’t as harmless as some may think. Over a period of years, they add up. So it’s definitely better to pay attention early on so you don’t suffer the effects of weight gain years later. Yes, your body and your health will thank you for it.

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