Reverse Diabetes Now- A Cure For Diabetes

For an apparent reason the word “cure” is not allowed to be used. A cure for diabetes, cure for cancer, HIV cure or anything else can not and does not exist. Did you ever wonder why? The answer is simple. It is all about money. It is against the law to use the word “cure” when you are talking about something that can actually cure a disease or a condition.

But you can always use the words “treat”, “help” or “offset” the symptoms of any type of health condition or disease and it’s very much okay to use those. Like I said it is all about money, the world of medicine and all the law makers behind it. You can always find articles or content about how to control diabetes or live with diabetes but there is not much talk about “diabetes cure” and that is simply because no one can cure anyone because there is some money in doing so.

The main intention is to keep you live your life without suffering from any pain, treat your symptoms but yet to keep you sick so you are forced to buy those medications for the rest of your life. When it come to curing a disease, it means you are supposed to buy the drug one time, use it and after that you are not sick anymore.

The drug industry says “Cures Kill Profits”. Let me tell you how it works. If someone had a product and showed you how to cure diabetes, he would only make money just once, so he would not make very much off of you. But if someone had special pill or had invented a new shot to help you control your diabetes or live with your diabetes, that person would make money weekly or even month after month. You have to keep buying that drug to control your disease for the rest of your life.

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The author Jacqueline Gharibian is writing about the truth and facts. The truth is that we are all victims but we have the ability to stop that. Always get second opinion for your treatment. Find out what else you can do to stop using drugs. There are healing options out there and How To Reverse Diabetes Now one of them. To read more about alternative cures you can visit her site KangeWaterCure.

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