The Most Significant Causes Of Diabetes

Diabetes can be one of the worst chronic diseases, robbing you of your health and ultimately our life. While doctors disagree about the causes of the disease, there are several factors believed to heighten your risk of contracting diabetes. In order to reduce risk factors, you should pay attention to your general health, especially your diet, and learn everything scientists already know about this disease. It has already been proven that genetics play a role in the risk of contracting diabetes. Family history bears this out, even going back a century or more to before the disease was well-known. Those with an immediate family member who has diabetes are up to 33% more likely to eventually end up getting the disease than those whose family histories do not contain it. Let us take a look at the causes of diabetes…

Scientists do know that there is a large heredity component to diabetes. It is easy to see patterns in families, even going back to before diabetes was named as a disease or much was understood about it. If someone in your family has the disease, you are 25-33 percent more likely to get it than someone who does not have any occurrences of diabetes in their family.

For this reason, mothers should take special care while pregnant to ensure she does not inadvertently pass diabetes on to her child. Her blood sugar should be monitored regularly, and she should follow her doctor’s advice to make sure it remains under control throughout her pregnancy. A diabetic mother whose blood sugar remains at normal levels is significantly less likely to pass the diabetes on to her child than one who has a difficult pregnancy due to the condition.

Scientists have not yet found a cure for diabetes or even an accurate way to predict who will have the disease. They are studying genetic factors in order to more effectively prevent the disease in the future. Current studies are also examining the question of whether low doses of diabetes medication can help prevent the disease in relatives of those who already suffer from it.

Scientists around the world are working on isolating the genes that cause diabetes. No single cause has been determined yet, nor has a cure been found. However, studies show that diabetes can be effectively controlled so that it does not significantly affect your life or the lives of your loved ones.

It is known that the second most important factor besides genetics is a person’s diet. Diabetes is often referred to as the “disease of prosperity” because excessive eating is a significant cause of its onset. Over time, ingesting too much sugar, protein, and fat seems to lead to diabetes.

Excessive eating overworks the pancreas, the organ responsible for secreting insulin to keep blood sugar at tolerable levels. When the pancreas is overtaxed for years, it becomes paralyzed and ceases to produce insulin.. Interestingly, people in poor countries where overeating is very uncommon rarely contract diabetes.

There are many causes of diabetes, mostly linked to diet and genetics. It is important to be aware of your family history, especially if there are many diabetics in your family. However, it is just as important to follow nutritional guidelines and change your lifestyle to include healthy exercise in order to reduce the risk of diabetes.

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