Type 2 Diabetes – WHO (World Health Organization) Says “Out Of Control”

The World Health Organization, also known as WHO, recognizes that type 2 diabetes is a spreading epidemic throughout the world. This unfortunate Type 2 Diabetes epidemic grows more and more every year and there seems no end to its growth. Diabetes is a chronic condition that happens in two ways: either the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin or the body doesn’t use insulin properly. In either case, the amount of blood glucose begins to rise. That rising level of glucose leads to a variety of symptoms that mark diabetes such as excessive urination and thirst. The worst part is that these symptoms come on gradually, almost silently.


As this diabetes epidemic spreads around the globe, developing countries as well as those already modern see increasing medical costs and the loss of people to disability and death. Costs run into the billions every year. It is also a drain on the work force when normally healthy people fall to this disease. People with type 2 diabetes have increased risks for heart disease and stroke. The terrible disease causes nerve damage and could lead to amputation in some Type 2 Diabetes|Diabetes 2|Type two Diabetes|Type II Diabetes|Diabetes Type 2] people. Blindness is a common consequence as well. Diabetics require more medical care and may die sooner than their healthy counterparts will.


The most ironic thing is that what seems to be improvements to diet and lifestyle are actually causing or kicking off this epidemic. So many communities and villages a generation ago lived just off what they grew and stored. So, if they had a bad food crop, the coming winter would be harsh. Today processed and packaged foods help get people through the winter months without worrying about running out of food. However, those same foods help bring on Diabetes. These foods contain less fiber and more sugars. They also help communities gain weight faster. All of this can lead to insulin resistance and the development of Type two diabetes.


The World Health Organization is working around the world to combat type 2 diabetes. The first step is education of the medical communities as well as the populations in developing nations. They also provide advice on standards for diabetes care around the world. They are working at the international level to promote awareness of this spreading scourge. They also monitor areas Diabetes 2 is developing and how fast the epidemic is increasing. All of this is in the hopes of slowing down and eventually stopping the spread of this silent killer. It means the life or death of millions around the world.

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